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Grammar Police: Spelling Error Prevention Unit

Grammar Police SEPU

In the English Language System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups; the orthographically-challenged public who repeatedly misspell even the most common words, and the police who investigate these crimes and arrest the offenders. These are their stories.

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Grammar Police: Unnecessary Quotation Unit

Grammar Police: U.Q.U.

In the English “Language System” the people are “represented” by two separate, yet equally important “groups”; the grammar-deficient public who “insert” gratuitous “quotation marks” without regard for “meaning”, and the “police” who “investigate these crimes” and “arrest” the offenders. These are their “stories”.

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Don’t panic. This is only a drill.

Don't panic. This is only a drill.

How can the undertaxed American mind ever learn a language like Chinese? The meaning of a word can change completely with just a slight variation in the tone in which it is pronounced.  And let’s not even mention their so-called “alphabet” which even they can’t master. No, the world today has accepted English as its lingua franca because when we say a word, that is exactly what we mean, no more no less.

DRILL, noun:

  1. a disciplined, repetitious training exercise.
  2. a tool for boring cylindrical holes.
  3. a marine gastropod mollusc, Urosalpinx cinera, closely related to the whelk.
  4. a small furrow in which seeds are sown.
  5. a hard-wearing cotton cloth.
  6. an Old World monkey, Mandrillus leucophaeus, of West Africa.