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Undignified Cat

Cats are such sleek, dignified creatures most of time. If a tiny bit of fur is pushed out of place it has to be groomed immediately, no matter what else is happening. But their number one priority is spelled C-O-M-F-O-R-T.  (Do you feel a Tammy Wynette song coming on?)

You may think they look ridiculous but they are not interested in your opinion on this particular topic, thank you.

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Four-legged food critics

Cheap cat food

Everyone has cats with odd food habits. Neither of mine will look at fresh-cooked fish. One of them loves chicken — except when she doesn’t.   The broth from a can of tuna is incredibly exciting — except when it isn’t.  Food that has fallen out of the bowl will be treated as if it did not exist.

Cat owners know that it is hard to predict what the little furball is going to be interested in at feeding time. They know from experience that if “Sea Captain’s Revenge” has been popular for the last two days that you would have to be nuts to go out and buy ten cans of it. Cats are completely aware of how many cans you brought into the house and will starve before they touch another bite of it.