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Warning: Parent has untreated mental illness


We should have had a sign like this on our front door when I was growing up–although this was not a hidden problem.  My father lashed out angrily every day–at home and at work.  So maybe a sign wouldn’t have made any difference.  What disturbs me is the failure of the adults on the scene–relatives, friends and even neighbors–to act to protect me and the rest of the family.  “Denial” may be a good explanation, but it’s not a good excuse.

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We are all victims of victims


I grew up in a family with a long, sad history of  depression, bi-polar disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, alcoholism and physical and emotional abuse.  Until individuals are willing to acknowledge that a problem exists and are willing to take responsiblity for their actions, the cycle just continues. 

In my family, I’m sorry to say, the poisonous torch has been passed to the next generation.