2011 Exhibit



Burnett Gallery
Jones Library, Amherst, Massachusetts
September 2011

Comments from the visitor’s book

  • An excellent collection. Impressive. Fantastic.
  • Thoughtful, insightful enough to think of all the works all day long.
  • Great social commentary and use of visuals to provoke. Keep doing it as long as the totalitarian state will allow!
  • Interesting, thought-provoking, well-executed. Oh, and the BIO!
  • You are a cheeky monkey and a brave satirist. Bravo to this civic institution for having this show!
  • Shades of Bearden! Beautiful work. Creative, progressive, and definitely thought-provoking.
  • Whew — a lot to take in here. Beautifully-done, extremely provocative, fiercely funny
  • A wild man is loose in Amherst — call the therapists or the cops!
  • Surprisingly refreshing. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny. Keep working.
  • Das ist ein Hoot!
  • Nice clip art skills. MS Paint?
  • I loved it! You’re SO right!
  • Great show! Good Politics!
  • Very funny, but sad!
  • Glad you dropped those outside distractions. ‘Support Our Troops In The Next War!’
  • Your work is very thought-provoking and beautifully-executed.

Some of the works shown at the exhibit: