The Bible Tells Us So

The Bible Tells Us So


2 thoughts on “The Bible Tells Us So

  1. Wow! That’s awful!
    I had to look that up to verify.
    Sure enough. Only the book I have says “…..and putteth forth her hand and taketh him by the secrets…”
    (this description is much more cryptic).
    Is she in trouble for daring to touch “the secrets” of another man, or for daring to defend her husband, or both?
    Personally, I think it is quite courageous for the wife to do something in an attempt to protect her husband.
    If I was her husband, I would definitely show her pity if she had her hand cut off for caring (even though I would probably get punished too).

  2. Thanks so much for the comment.

    Regarding “secrets”: The King James Version is full of euphemisms and deliberate errors meant to keep the translation within the boundaries of contemporary “good taste” and to blunt some of the explicit sexuality and unending brutality of the original text.

    “It is chilling to think that the same people who persecuted the wise women and men of Europe, its midwives and healers, then crossed the oceans to Africa and the Americas and tortured and enslaved, raped, impoverished, and eradicated the peaceful, Christ-like people they found. And that the blueprint from which they worked, and still work, was the Bible.”

    -Alice Walker, The Only Reason You Want to Go to Heaven Is That You Have Been Driven Out of Your Mind, in Anything We Love Can Be Saved: A Writer’s Activism

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