Armstrong 1952

Armstrong 1952

The strange objects in the foreground are covered in linoleum patterns from the 1952 Armstrong Flooring catalogue–published the year I was born.

Amazingly, I have a cousin who is an Armstrong sales rep.  Even more amazing is that he tells me that some of these patterns are still in the catalogue and still popular sixty years later!

As they say, “Great Art Is Timeless”.


2 thoughts on “Armstrong 1952

  1. Cool pic! The objects look vaguely threatening, impinging. And the sociology is fascinating. Speaking from experience… the kids could be saying, “Please, Mummy, give us a big piece of that white-flour, sugary cake so we can start on the road to obesity and cancer later in life.” And the husband, clearly dressed up to go back out without the servant wife, is saying, “Lots of luck, all of you!”

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