Anti-social networking


I’m a solitary guy. My patient friend Bill has had to put up with me muttering and dragging my heels as he helps me slowly ease into the social whirl of Twitter and Facebook.

When I was growing up we had to walk seven miles through the snow at 5:00 in the morning to get on the internet. And then we had to split wood to stoke the boiler for the lone steam-powered computer we had in our one-room schoolhouse.  And then there were only a total of six websites you could visit.  And then we had to wait for hours in the cold, dark afternoons as the postman made his way through the drifts to deliver replies to email we had sent weeks before.

We’ll just have to wait and see where I fit into this not-so-brave new world.


2 thoughts on “Anti-social networking

  1. Since you’re blogging pretty frequently, if you just link up your blog posts automatically to Facebook and Twitter you’ll soon be doing social networking pretty painlessly.

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