Ratzinger responds

Ratzinger Responds

Pope Benedict XVI is not really engaged with the abuse scandal in the Church. He is 84 years old and other than spending time as a draftee in a Hitler Youth anti-aircraft unit has spent his entire life as an employee of the Roman Catholic Church.  For the last thirty years he has been at the Vatican, buried in church politics, dogma, and “canon law”.

He is the loyal protegé of the loathsome John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla), a hard-line ideologue who worked diligently to push the Church farther right, to suppress dissent, and to protect the Church from scandal at any cost. 

JP2 had no interest in addressing the crimes against children committed by priests, bishops, and nuns–quite the opposite. He was a lifelong friend and supporter of Father Marcial Maciel, a man whose sex crimes and drug problems were well-known to the Church. Maciel, founder of The Legion of Christ, a wealthy, repressive cult within the Church, was expelled from two different seminaries, fathered six children with two women, sexually abused his children, sexually abused seminarians, and was hospitalized for morphine addiction.

B16 is following in his master’s footsteps because he knows nothing about life or morality outside of his own little monarchy. Catholicism is the only religion that thinks it is also a country. In 84 years Joseph A. Ratzinger has never crossed the border.