The rich…won’t YOU help?

Reach out to the rich

I can’t really recommend Reach Out To The Rich as heartily as I would the World Ice Tea Organization, for example. The rich have their charities, too, like the opera and their beloved conservative think tanks.  We must let them use their donations to shelter their income from taxes.  After all, they wrote the tax laws in the first place (and rewrite them every day).  Besides, if they don’t get everything they want they’ll become frustrated and complain that they are the victims of something called “Class Warfare”–a strange form of war that can only be waged by working people and the poor against the rich, never the other way around.


2 thoughts on “The rich…won’t YOU help?

  1. Thanks. Keep those compliments coming. I promise I won’t let them go to my head. Nor will I ever forget all the people–the Real Americans–who supported me on my way to the top.

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