The new iwaffle notebook

MODEL: iwafffle SuperSyrup TZ6700cx

  • PROS: Reasonably-priced, sturdy notebook with large hard drive, above-average graphics, surprisingly fast waffle iron.
  • CONS: Heavy, keys tend to stick, display hard to read, top gets hot, short battery life.

2 thoughts on “The new iwaffle notebook

  1. Over the years for Christmas my forgetful father has given us every variation of waffle iron possible—regular, Belgian (two kinds), the restaurant version that flips over, and last year a “family sized” one, even though it’s just me and my husband. I will send him the link to your iWaffle—if he’s going to buy us another waffle iron, might as well be one that is “surprisingly fast.”

  2. I confess to being a waffle-lover. For many years I lived in Vermont, where the streets are paved with maple syrup. When I first moved there it was selling for $17/gallon. I haven’t made them since my waffle iron broke years ago. It may be time to get back to my roots.

    Re your father: I’m sure that someone who repeatedly gives waffle irons as gifts could be helped by the right medication. In the last 10 years they have made great progress treating WICD.

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