People for the Sensitive Treatment of Vegetables

People for the Sensitive Treatment of Vegetables

At this time of the year people are always asking me,

“Do you know of a deserving place I can make a donation? You know, a place where the money goes directly to those who need it and not to a bloated administrative bureaucracy?”

I don’t even have to think twice before spelling my name for them and making sure they have my correct mailing address complete with 9-digit zip code. 

What?  Did you think that artists have to keep their windows closed to keep the hundred-dollar bills from blowing in and cluttering up the place?  Go buy something from my shop and then maybe we can talk!


In any case, PSTV (not to be confused with PTSD, another worthy cause) was formed several years ago by activists who broke away from PETA because they felt the organization was ignoring the rights of plants. They have a great online gift catalogue. All of the products are “fair-traded” and none of them was tested on vegetables.

I hope you’ll think of PSTV the next time you want to donate to a good cause. I know I will.

( I’m still serious about the shop thing.)