How do you feel today?

How do you feel today?

It’s a good idea to have a simple tool of some kind to help identify emotions.  Unfortunately, this is not it.  It’s really just a sneaky vocabulary quiz.

  • paronomastic: Relating to word play or punning
  • steatopygic: Having a heavy deposit of fat in the buttocks or thighs
  • retiary: Resembling or forming a net or web
  • basipetal: Botany, Developing or moving from the apex toward the base of the stem
  • homophonic: Music, Having one melodic line at a time
  • alexithymic: Unable to describe emotions in a verbal manner
  • paroxytone: Greek grammar, Having an acute accent on the next to last syllable
  • metaphrastic: Relating to a literal, word-for-word translation
  • hygroscopic: Attracting or absorbing moisture from the air.
  • sesquipedalian: Using, or characterized by the use of, long words
  • metathetic: Relating to the transposition of sounds in a word or between words
  • thigmotropic: Biology, Of the movement of an organism in response to contact with a solid body
  • phthisic: Archaic, Relating to any illness of the lungs or throat; tubercular
  • chthonic: Of the underworld, the dead and its gods or spirits
  • mystagogic: Relating to one who interprets religious mysteries or initiates others into them

One thought on “How do you feel today?

  1. As I word lover, I appreciate your taking the time to bring these definitions to our attention (I think I knew about three of them). But I can’t relate the word meanings to the graphics. Then again, despite working in the software industry, I don’t do well with icons. More often than not, they simply mystify me rather than direct me to perform some function which I’d understand instantly if you gave me the word for it (such as “delete” instead of X, “manage” instead of a gear, “mail” instead of an envelope, and so on).

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