The Unmatched Sock Rescue League

Unmatched Socks Rescue League   There are so many charities out there that it’s hard to know who to give your money to.  Let me bring one worthy cause to your attention.  The Unmatched Sock Rescue League has been working tirelessly for over 140 years to help the thousands of unmatched socks that are neglected or even abandoned every day in the United States.  I’m sure you’ve seen their Sock Rescue vans in your own neighborhood. Their famed research centers have done so much, but a cure is still elusive. Only by continuing to throw large amounts of money at this problem can we hope to see a day when the work of this fine organization will be unnecessary. (The Latin motto Post Tenebras Lux means “After Darkness, Light”)


One thought on “The Unmatched Sock Rescue League

  1. Dan,
    Your art is very cool…I just purchased one of your books. I’m glad you have retained the humor and satirical/political sensibility I remember from long ago.

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