Foreclosures are people too

Foreclosures are people too

Foreclosures are people too

Facing an unfriendly crowd in Iowa recently, Willard Mitt Romney protested frantically;

Corporations are people too, my friend!
Of course they are! Of course they are!…
Human beings, my friend! Human beings!

Mitt’s father was a lobbyist for the auto industry and President and CEO of American Motors. Mitt is named after his father’s close friend John Willard Marriott, founder of one of the largest hotel chains in the world. Both George Romney and J. Willard Marriot (and later Mitt) were devoted followers and financial supporters of the Mormon church.

Mitt can’t conceive of a world without giant, heartless corporations and powerful, oppressive religions. It’s a terrifying vision from an alternate universe, eh Mitt?  My friend.


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  1. Thanks, Dan for reminding me of the non-sensical common sense of coporate leaders and supporters. Marianna

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