Decaf? What’s the point?


Decaf? What's the point?

I have to confess, I’ve never been a coffee drinker.   I realize that this puts me in the far, far outer fringes of what passes for American Society.  If you need further proof of how marginal I am, I also do not have a barely-controllable lust for ice cream.  Here in Massachusetts that puts me in the category of ‘people you would cross the street to avoid’.

As a person with horrendous sleep problems I can’t really see the point of drinking coffee unless it will help me stay awake.  Truth to tell, it doesn’t help much. but every so often I give it another try. Sometimes I end up still tired but with shaky hands. Most of the time it has no effect at all.    I can have two strong cups of coffee and immediately take a long nap.  My internal “sleep system” (or what’s left of it) just has a little chuckle and keeps on doing whatever it was doing.