The Indictment of Bishop Finn

Indictment of Bishop Finn

The dark, mind-numbing corruption of the Roman Catholic church was blazingly illuminated recently in the Diocese of Kansas City.  Local prosecutors had the courage to indict the Bishop (albeit only for a misdemeanor).  You can read about it here.

UPDATE September 6, 2012: Bishop Finn Is Found Guilty of Failing to Report Child Abuse Suspicions


2 thoughts on “The Indictment of Bishop Finn

  1. And the Catholic League is handing out flyers publicly defending it by distorting the truth. See the ad at

    It claims that Fr Ratigan’s computer had one photo of a naked girl, because that’s what Msgr Murphy told the police

    The real truth, which was that it was the last photo in a series of a staged strip tease of a 2 year old, where the diaper is completely removed in the last photo, and her genitals are completely exposed.

    This is all on page 90 of the Todd Graves report, paid for by the Catholic church, so even Catholic apologists can’t deny it. They can only distort the truth.

    The Catholic League is as dishonest as they can get away with, just like the rest of the Catholic church and the congregation.

  2. The Catholic League lives in an alternate universe where the RC Church can do nothing wrong. The truth is, in Ratigan’s case, it would be hard to show a single thing that the Church did RIGHT. They put a lot of thought, time, and effort into obstructing justice.

    Just a few examples:

    The pschyatrist they sent Ratigan to “for evaluation” is involved with a group whose goal is to help abusive priests stay in the church!

    Instead of calling the police to report a crime, they phoned a cop who is on their own internal Church review board, gave him completely inaccurate information, and asked his OPINION about the situation!

    And, most incredibly to me, they gave the laptop to Ratigan’s family, who then destroyed it!

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