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Michigan State Madness

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…In April, Kaylee Lorincz, who was sexually assaulted by Nassar, said that Engler offered her $250,000 to drop her lawsuit against the university. One of his senior advisers called the accusation “fake news.”  In June, emails revealed that Engler accused Rachael Denhollander, the first gymnast to accuse Nassar, of getting a “kickback” for helping lawyers “manipulate” other gymnasts into coming forward.  Eight days after the initial report, Engler apologized.  Then, in an interview with The Detroit News this month, he suggested that some Nassar survivors might be “enjoying” the “spotlight.”  Finally it was one comment too many.  Survivors, students, and advocates fumed…

Michigan State’s handling of the fallout from the Nassar tragedy has been a slow-rolling public-relations catastrophe.

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